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I am running for California State Assembly District 40. I am running to bring common sense solutions to restore California by focusing on public safety and also representing every individual and every small business in our district who have been abandoned and left voiceless by the majority of the California Legislators.

I’m running to defend parental rights and protect the future of our children. Many school districts implementing explicitly Marxist, improper curricula that are unsuited for classroom instruction and are at odds with our American values and our U.S. Constitution. Parental rights are being threatened by our politicians.

I’m standing up for the impoverished homeless families whose pain has been made worse by careless policies that are wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods.

I’m running to take on career politicians who continue to limit our liberties and our God given freedoms. I’m running because thousands of Californians’ lives have been impacted by government overreach. The constitution was suspended as a result of a knee-jerk reaction to alleged public health catastrophes, which also exposed the inadequacy of our state’s emergency response procedures. This can never happen again!

Hospitalized patients’ families were left bewildered and grieving when they passed away alone. State agencies mislead us over the efficacy of vaccines. Thousands were compelled to accept it or risk losing their long time careers. If the opposing viewpoints did not align with the official narrative, thousands of voices were silenced, and their social media accounts were destroyed.

I’m here to defend and speak up for small businesses that are fighting to survive in a political environment that continues to limit their capacity to grow. Where bureaucratic red tape limits job opportunities and business expansion, and where inflation is on the rise, driving businesses away from California. Many businesses who had to close down in the past few years were crushed and were never able to reopen. 

In search of a better life, hundreds of thousands of Californians have left the state. As there is no bigger statement that could be made by voters who have uprooted their entire family and way of life to escape the reality of where California is now, that alone should be a major subject in this election. Our state has changed beyond recognition. These uncompromising ideologic beliefs turned into policies that continue to drive a wedge between us and have no place in a civilized society. It’s time to use common sense to solve unusual challenges!

My pledge is to support and speak up for my constituents. By authoring sensible legislation that boosts economic opportunities and quickly improves public safety measures. It is my mission to develop our communities and improve our current conditions. Because of a failed experiment in our criminal justice system that has emboldened criminals while abandoning crime victims, our communities are under constant attack. Healing and confidence must be restored in our public safety institutions which many have lost faith in.

Political activists who aim to influence our institutions, such as our schools and infrastructure, are funded by unending influxes of foreign money, which has a negative impact on public safety. Public corruption is at an all-time high, and our institutions have been compromised by a strong group of political elites who use opportunities to divide and polarize the people. They collaborate with social media platforms to silence those who hold differing opinions and label them as “extremists” or “racist” in a calculated effort to shame, intimidate, discredit, and marginalize those who disagree with the narrative derived by our largely corrupted political establishment.

Virtue signaling has been used to advance legislative agendas, harmful to the moral fabric that represents the values of our country. They have even changed definitions of words to achieve those ends. Some media outlets are now under government influence and act as the establishment’s mouthpiece while burying any dissenting voices. Communities are still in disrepair. As more Californians become aware of these truths, they are working to reform the broken system that has left thousands feeling hopeless. I will bring quick transformation, understanding, and resoluteness.