Deputy Sheriff for State Assembly

Patrick Lee Gipson

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Meet Patrick

Patrick Lee Gipson is the candidate who understands the job and serves because he has dedicated his entire life to public service.

Patrick is the oldest of five siblings from a multi-cultural family made up of Mexican and Irish decent. His mother, Brigida Acosta and father, Patrick Lindel Gipson raised their five children together, while facing poverty and even homeless for a time. Patrick Lee Gipson, came from very humble beginnings, where he aspired to have a better life and a career. He started serving his community at a very young age, by becoming a lifeguard for both the City and the County of Los Angeles. Patrick later decided to further his career in public service and joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a Sheriff’s deputy and has been serving and protecting his communities throughout the County of Los Angeles for the past 24 years. 

Why I Am Running

I'm running to defend parental rights and protect the future of our children.

I’m standing up for the impoverished homeless families whose pain has been made worse by careless policies that are wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods. I’m running to take on career politicians who continue to limit our liberties and our God given freedoms. I’m running because thousands of Californians’ lives have been impacted by government overreach. I’m here to defend and speak up for small businesses that are fighting to survive in a political environment that continues to limit their capacity to grow. Where bureaucratic red tape limits job opportunities and business expansion, and where inflation is on the rise, driving businesses away from California. 

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My pledge is to support and speak up for my constituents.

By authoring sensible legislation that boosts economic opportunities and quickly improves public safety measures. It is my mission to develop our communities and improve our current conditions. Because of a failed experiment in our criminal justice system that has emboldened criminals while abandoning crime victims, our communities are under constant attack. Healing and confidence must be restored in our public safety institutions which many have lost faith in.


Key issues Patrick Stand For

As a Law Enforcement Officer, I’ve watched the rate of crime increase with very little consequences for emboldened criminals, terrorizing families and communities living in fear. I will work to repeal Prop 47 and 57 which have been catastrophic to California while simultaneously focusing on rehabilitation programs that work. The breakdown of the family structure and deterioration of the family unit contributes to juvenile crime rates. Criminal offenders must be held accountable, not celebrated by activist District Attorneys that support deviancy instead of justice.

The costs of housing, groceries, and everyday supplies are making living in California unaffordable. I will work to bring down the cost of living and lower your taxes.

California has the nation's lowest educational attainment rate of any state in the union. Despite receiving little education, our children aren’t succeeding, they’re failing. You cannot advance without having proper instruction that helps students understand how to solve problems. Instead of being controlled by their school board, parents should have the freedom to enroll their kids in educational institutions of their choosing and aligned with the individual family’s values. I want to work on legislation that safeguards both the family unit's interests and our children's development.
Human trafficking is the largest industry in the world, with an annual revenue of almost $150 billion every year. An estimated 200,000 American children are trafficked into illegal sex trafficking rings every year. Child exploitation and human trafficking task forces must be supported and funded, and sentencing guidelines for human traffickers must reflect the pain and suffering caused to victims. Foreign nationals trafficked across our border, as well as U.S. citizens are being bought and sold like modern day slaves. There are many contributing factors to these preventable injustices, which are crimes that shock the conscious of us all and must end, immediately!
I come from a family that was once homeless. Solving issues of homelessness is a passion of mine. Mobilizing community resources to triage and treat the most vulnerable is a priority. I'll create the ‘Foster A Family Program’ to involve public and private sector industries, churches, social workers, and law enforcement in monitoring the health and safety of individuals who are struggling in our communities. Let's reclaim the human condition with sensible solutions. Fentanyl floating across our open border and into our neighborhoods, creating addiction and mental illness to our already vulnerable homeless population. Not only, this Fentanyl crisis effects our homeless population, but it has entered into our schools and into our families, where it has killed many of our future generations. I have seen and personally witnessed many innocent lives being taken away by this horrible drug. It’s time to put an end to this crisis, and I will not rest until our state and our cities our free of this evilness!
The ability to protect oneself under the 2nd Amendment is an inalienable right that “shall not be infringed.” California has the strictest gun prohibitions in the nation, protecting criminals more than its own law abiding citizens. Using honest statistics through education to bridge the gap being law enforcement and troubled communities is essential. Law enforcement should never have been vilified and used a scapegoat for the deterioration of our communities across our state. We've seen government fail when acting on its own, without the consent of the governed.

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Thursday, June 2024

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